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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

yahoooo, yepeeeee ! Berakhirlah FIFA 2010 :)

yeahhhhh !

Akhirnya my favourite team, SPAIN MENANG !

from the first day of the FIFA started, ila mmg sokong SPAIN ! I already saw their potential when they won the friendly match between Polland 6-0 , just before FIFA started .

It was really awesome , and with no doubt, they will surely win FIFA World Cup. They have proved it by scoring 1-0, beat Netherlands in the final match .

Tak sia-sia sokong SPAIN ! ha ha , i was really excited when i knew they won the match, bangun-bangun subuh je tros dpt msg , saying that SPAIN have won .

time mandi pagi pun tersenyum riang, tak terkata :)

then ila trus msg aqi,kholis,amirul naim,khaled,ana,zirah subuh-subuh tu, nak inform kat dyeorg, eventhough ada yang da tahu! hahah, kegirangan ni harus dikongsi besama :))


Eventhough Andres Iniesta scored with four minutes of extra time remaining, they have proved to the whole world that eventhough they have never go to final FIFA wolrd cup, but this time, they managed to do so, and they have WON !

p/s: sorry kalo ayat berterabur, grammar pn tunggang langgang, sebab post blog dalam klas LAW. haha , penin palew ! :P

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