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Monday, August 2, 2010


sometimes we will never getting what we want in this life

oke , maybe ada yang tak tahu lg yg ila da break up dgn naqiuddin . why did i made this decision ? it was so suddenly , yeahhh . i dunno why actually . but deep down in my heart , i know dat i can't love him just like the same way i love kholis. 

and maybe its true that i'm still loving him, eventhough it has been 7 months we broke up. sorry aqi, i'm so sorry . i am still waiting for him , but for now, i'll just let him be with abez . bia la ila tseksa sorg, i dont want to drag u along in my problem . u've help me a lot in going through all of this shit . i think u deserves someone better than me . plzzzz, i'm begging u. plz find someone else, instead of waiting for me . does it worth it for u to wait for someone who is waiting for another guy ? does it worth it? 

and plz dun said that there is no gurl that likes u.  u've a long way to go, and definitely, one day, that gurl will come searching for u. i wish u all the best aqi . thanks for everything. thanks for coming to perak. we spent a lot of time together sepanjang 4 mggu yg lepas . but it still doesn't enough for me to forget kholis . i'm so sorry . maafkan ila . 

lastly, do take care of urself & if kita ada jodoh, we'll be together again one day. Study smart oke !

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ana farhana said... [Reply to comment]

ila ila...ini kesudahannye..
erm..u make a right decision but pape pun sian kudin

mizzbutterfly said... [Reply to comment]

ouch...jr ku..wat happend nih... hebatnye kholis tuh...tapi mesti ade sbb kan... kirenye ila sudi n rela untuk disaketkan lg kemudian hari...??

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