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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Goodluck to you En. Kholis Abrar !

Goodluck to you Encik Mohammad Nur Kholis Abrar for your next paper on this coming Monday and for ur last paper later. 
Do your best okay? Lately, I've wished u every day on your exams. 
I hope that it will encourage u too answer them confidently. 
Make ur family and ur love's one proud of you. One ke? :P 
Ecewahhhhh, ayat bukan maen boombastik gitu :P 
And by the way, thanks for treating me so well during this break semester.
I know, u are concern for me, as this is my first time having my break semester without u besides me.
Don't worry, i'll get used to it in the future, thanks a lot !

Last but not least :
Best of luck lis !

p/s: saya harap x ade sesiapa yang terase dgn post ni ye ;)

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