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Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy sad day to you

 Happy sad day to me :'(

I thought this semester i could get great result for my 5th semester. 
But it does not went as well as i planned. 
I really hate this feelings right now.
Yea.., maybe for some people, they think that I've managed to get good result, but for me, its not.
I've tried so hard this semester, so hard you know ???
I'm so sad that i can't maintain my GPA. It falls sharply.
4 FLAT, i guess it is really hard to get you in this semester, i'm sorry 4 Flat (-_-")
Till we meet again next semester.
I'll try my best to get you back .
However, i'm so grateful that i'm still get DL.
I'm really hopping that i'll wearing the VICE-CHANCELLOR's AWARD SASH during convo next year. 
Please pray for me guys.. ~

 "What remains to be done and forget to be thankful for all that has been done"

p/s : Congrates to those who have managed to maintain and raise ur CGPA 
 & also to those who got DL.
While for those who didn't went well with ur result, try harder oke? 
i mean, put more effort in the future.

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Cik_Shiqah said... [Reply to comment]

insyaAllah semoga impian akk tercapai. bittaufiq akak! :)

CIK FAFAZ said... [Reply to comment]

congrates ila.
dont be sad k.

ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said... [Reply to comment]

alaa. rilek a

xdpt 4 flat jer

aku x penah dapat 4 flat. uni aku susah gila kot

at least dapat 3 point something2 pon da okay da

ANATI SOKI said... [Reply to comment]

takpe.. lain kali cuba lg "_ sudah follow kamu :)

iela SFN said... [Reply to comment]


thanks shiqah , really need it :)

iela SFN said... [Reply to comment]


ohho, thanks fafaz ;)

x sad, epy+sad je. Esad jdnye , haha

how's urs?

i bet u get good result kan?

iela SFN said... [Reply to comment]

@ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez

ahha, syafiq ? butet?

hee, tu la. 3 pointer pn da kirer ok.

aku je yg tamak, nk lebeh2.

ye la, jatoh sgt GPA, sedey nokkkk..

but its alrite, next sem ade lg

thanx dude :)

iela SFN said... [Reply to comment]


thanks anat, yeaaa, insya Allah, next sem ila try lg :)

heee, suda follow kamu juge ;)

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