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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nobody wants to bother your problem

I dont know why lately, i can't stay calm. 

Always keep thinking about him. I hate this feeling.. (T_T)

I'm such in pain, heartache :-S

I know,he is now happy out there, and perhaps he doesn't even thinking of me.

I hate that mood when I don't feel like talking to anyone, faking a smile and pretend to be happy like I always do. 

but at the same time, I don't know what's wrong.. =.="

"Pretending to be happy when you are in pain is just an example of how strong as you are as a person.
Still making that simple smile when every part of you dies"

 *I hope someday you will miss me. :')      
sometimes u love & u learn, then u move on ..

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mizzbutterfly said... [Reply to comment]

insyaALLAH kadang2 die mesti punye rindu anda :)

sissyira said... [Reply to comment]


sabar selalu k =)

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