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Friday, March 18, 2011

ACCA or CIMA ? Confused !

hello my readers :)

How are you?

I hope you are doing just fine. 

ngeee, speaking pulak tibe2 hari ni :P

Disebabkan semalam ade misi akademik under Fakulti Perakaunan, tibe2 rase nk speaking pulak kan?

haha, bukan selalu pun. 

So, representatives from ACCA and CIMA, and also from UiTM Shah Alam, regarding the professional certification for accountancy students came to UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak yesterday.

As u all know, Accountancy is a professional course, so of course la we have our own professional certification such as ACCA or CIMA. And besides that, there are others professional certification that we can take and choose, such as MICPA, CPA, MIT and etc.

And for me, i'm confused whether i wanna take ACCA or CIMA ?

Well actually ACCA stands for The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, meanwhile CIMA stands for Chartered Institute for Management Accountants.

After all the explanations given by the representatives, i still cannot choose which one is better. Perhaps CIMA i think. If you wanna be an analyst, decision maker, or a specialist in business, investment or whatsoever, CIMA is a better choice compared to ACCA. But if i ask most of the lecturers, maybe they would recommend me to choose ACCA as it is a common thing among accountancy students sit for ACCA exams. And CIMA, it is rare. 

And actually, i have decided to take this professional course during my work time, i mean after i get my degree. As it will cost me about RM5000 just to pay the examination fees. So i have to work in order to pay the fees. But Miss Nabilah said that this exam is not as esay as ABC. It needs a lotof effort, as i need to spend a lot of my time in studying, and if i work at the same time, perhaps i will fail successfully in the exam. 

So, i change my mind, i should continue study after degree. Well if i managed to pass the exams without fail any paper, it will takes only 1 year for me to finish the exam. Miss Nabilah also said that after i get ACCA, there will be a lot of companies that will offer me to work with them. It is a good news actually.

I hope that I will get the grant from UiTM Shah Alam to sponsor me for ACCA exams, or not, i will have to take a loan, ahha :)

And i think, i have made final decision, that i have to stay continue my degree in UiTM Shah Alam as i will only UiTM Shah Alam give the highest exemptions for ACCA exams. Instead taking 14 papers, i will only need to sit for 5 papers, as 9 papers will be exempted. And if i further my degree in UM, or IIUM,or other universities, maybe only 5-8 papers will be exempted.

So, maybe insya Allah, i will finish my study when i 24-25 y/old. And after only that i can work. So perhaps i will only get married at 26-27 y/old. Ahha, it is a long journey for me. 

Well, wish me good luck oke?

p/s : still confused whether to choose ACCA or CIMA and sorry if my english not so good ;)

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