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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Scars is Painful

This past weeks, things have been very up and down.
When people say "grief comes in waves" - they know what they're talking about.
Sometimes, when you just sit there - you realize what's missing and why there's a new found gigantic hole in your heart - you realize that this massive void in your life is there to say, because at the end of the day, what it represents is something that is never coming back. There are many times in life when people lose something they once had.
Whether it's money, love, possessions or death. 
When this time comes, it's when people are truly made. The feeling of being encapsulated by something painful.
And when I say "pain" - I mean anyone's pain.
Because the thing with pain is, it's relative.
Pain is relative to the person feeling it.
It's not something that can be competed. 
Everyone feels pain and no one can compare their pain to the pain of others because we all feel it differently. 
Anyway, that feeling of encapsulation, the feeling like someone is literally sitting on your chest and squeezing what remains of the pieces of your heart that you're trying so desperately to put back together, that is enough to place a permanent scar on your heart. 
That scar on your heart changes who you are and who you were before. 
The scar on your heart that is there because of something you had. 
Something you're grateful to have had in the first place.
That scar recognizes the absence of what was and the reality of what is now.
p/s : I just can't pretend I don't miss you...

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