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Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Faryz

Today i go to my uncle Li house, well it is just nearby, even i can walk with my two legs if i wish to go there. But today it is too hot outside, so my caring boyfren pick me up & my twin at my house at about 2 p.m. After that we send my uncle to car workshop at Bandar Tun Razak. He want to get his car back because he just had an accident. If i'm not mistaken about 2 weeks ago? Maybe la .. i just can't remember :)

Then we have our lunch at Ros Sari Cafe in BTHO, and buy some groceries at Econsave Balakong. About 5p.m. , we go back to my uncle's house to visit my new cousin. Actually it has been for 12 days since Aunt Zurina gave birth and baru sekarang i have the chance to pay visit to t
his new born child :)

He was so cute & adorable ! This is the 2nd child in my uncle's family. Ooops, i forgot to tell you his name, it is Mohd Faryz . Cute isn't it ? Kinda special- which gives meaning to (Yang Alim) :)) .
That is what my uncle tell me.

Eyy, why do i write in English ? Sorry guys, if my grammar is not so well :P Ahha , i try to write in english, but it seems so difficult compared to in BM, haha~

Kita rojak-rojak boleh ? Well, this is my blog right? :P Okay, what else i should write? Hari ni sangat best because i get the apportunity to hold baby Faryz. At first susah juga pegang baby baru lahir ni kan? Punya la payah, rasa maca
m nak patah je leher baby tu. Seriously! Rasa macam tak ada leher pun ada! ha ha, my Tok Mak (grandma) ajar la sikit-sikit. Tangan tu jangan keras sangat la,jangan pegang sampai badan dia melengkung la,tu la, ni la, arghhhh ! Susah nye nak jaga baby ni. Agak nya kalau jadi babysitter macam mana la kan? huhhhhh , MENAKUTKAN !

I have just realized that baby Faryz tak banyak buat bunyi hari ni. Tak menangis langsung! ha ha, kalau i tgk baby lain, bukan main susah kalau nak pegang. Mesti asyik nak menangis, tapi baby ni senyap je today. Tak ada la susah sangat pun nak jaga baby faryz ni :) Cuma kne practice lebih sikit la on how to hold him ;)

Okay la, I think thats all for today's blog. Here i p
ut some pictures of me with baby Faryz,
i think i have fallen in love with him

This is baby Faryz . OMG ! auwwwW ~ he is so Sexyyy

Ahha, Kaku nya pegang baby, ingat senang ? heee , tengok la nanti lagi 7 tahun, pegang baby sendiri pula :P

p/s : by the way, thank you sayang because you temankan I hari ni, bawa i ke hulu hilir & it is my first time perkenalkan my bf dekat my TOK MAK, suka la tu kan ? heee :)

And sayang, please jangan touching dengan I, if you do, you buat i rasa resah gelisah darlink. Last but not least,


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mizzbutterfly said... [Reply to comment]

good... ade planning... 7 tahun lag die da nk ade baby sendiri.. :)

SURAYA FADHILAH said... [Reply to comment]

ahha , insya Allah 7 thn lg kak wani. lpas abes ACCA ngn master :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]


boleyh pratice lg pegang baby.
nnty lame2 oke la.


SURAYA FADHILAH said... [Reply to comment]

la la ~

oke oke, thanx darl ;)

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