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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Please STOP IT - Don't try to PROVOKE MUSLIMS

I felt so sad & mournful after I read the page of 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' in the Facebook.
Why do they have to make this kind of page?

Are they trying to insult our Prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W?
What is actually their purpose by creating this page?

Why do they cannot understand that our religion does not allowed us to sketch or draw our Prophet picture in any way at all. Why? Why can't you guys understand that???

-To the CREATOR of the PAGE-

Can we take a minute to understand.
That Islam is a religion of peace.
Do your research. Your own research. Clear out the media

And the irony is that your claiming Islam to be violent,
when in reality those picture is bashing our religion

Fom this I would assume
Your religion teaches vengeance
whose really the violent one.

And please don't make fun over Islam
We are still strong enough to fight you non-muslim
What are you getting by doing all this.?
Did you harm Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. the slights bit?
The answer is NO, so please people save yourself the minutes your doodling and benefit doing other things.

If your goal is to anger the Muslims,
I would like to speak for all of us Muslims and say that "yes you have angered us,
but NO we will not retaliate by threatening you.

You want freedom of speech, have yourself a coffee to go with that will ya!
Nothing in this world and wont even be getting anything afterward
you all will regret and cry but no one would ever be listening
Carry on and see the result of your nonsense.!!!


GO read about Nabi Muhammad S.AW.,
if he was here, I doubt he would retaliate in any manner.
May you all see the truth in the long run,
you might be making fun of Nabi Muhammad today,
but one day, a day that is not far, u will surrender to his teachings and his character.
I am sure you've all read one or two good things about Nabi Muhammad S.A.W that you wholeheartly agree with him.

p/s: who ever is created this page, i pray and begging to Allah that HE can show him the light of ISLAM :)

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