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Monday, October 11, 2010

I hate you, but i miss you. Happy Birthday MNKA ~

I don't wanna lie anymore.. Yes, i do miss you.. Although you are the one who have hurt me a lot, its oke.. I just wanna say that i miss u a lot and Happy Burpday.  Orang kata memang senang nak suka dan sayang pada orang but it will take a life time to forget someone. Yes, Im still in a process to forget about you. Dont worry, I will. Now ila just nak focus on my studies sebab ila nak try to further my studies overseas and maybe continue my studying in ur university, UM. Insyaallah... Once again, I miss you MNKA. I know you are doing just fine. 

And I dont really know how to hate people. Even how pain you do to me, I dont hate you. Its just Im sad with what you did and said. I called you when your burpday using different phone num, and it was so sad, that you don't even recognised my voice. When i told you, it was me, ILA, ur voice started to slow down. Perhaps that girl was with you at that time.  Im sorry for interrupting. I know I should have not done that. Sometimes I just feel like I wanna take my phone and just call you. But then, I stopped. Thinking that you will think that ila ni sangat merimaskan and you might think that I still want you. Here's the thing, I JUST WANNA TALK AS A FRIEND. Not more than that. You ignoring me, yeah Im cool with it. Its okay,its up to you. Its ur right to do that, thanks MNKA ~


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