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Saturday, October 16, 2010

having fever is the worst !

i hate this fever. i really hate it !

kenapa mesti demam time weekend ni jugak ? da la Unit Kesihatan kt UiTM ni tutup weekend2 ni. haihhh .. (-_-")

who is willing to send me to the clinic outside ?  i dont want to take the 'yellow bus' ~

td ila terpaksa jwb paper TAX dlm keadaan demam. i've used a lot of tissues and it is difficult for my brain to process and answer the paper.

the questions are quite tough actually. ila tak sempat nak ke toilet pn, dats why terpaksa pakai tisu nk lap hingus yg meleleh . haha

i hope this fever will not last longer, next week is my revision week , and i just dont want to spend it with sleeping all day on my bed. 

i wanna try my best in this coming final exam, so dat i will maintain my GPA and my CGPA. 

i'm really hoping that i can further my studies in overseas under any scholarship, 

i'm really hoping that to come true!

this fever, makes me feel sick all day, coughing, flu, arghhh ~ i really hate it !

p/s : kholis, thanx for calling me and reached me to tell me about ur lost hp.
although i knew u lost ur hp about few days ago & u dont even told me about it A.S.A.P, i dont mind.
i know, it is difficult for u to reach me as u are trying to start ur new life without me.
take ur time, because i'm going through the same situation like u.
i really appreciate it. i feel sympathize on u btw.
i hope that u'll get back ur old hp or a new one.
and i hope dat the copy on my ic is helping u to get ur simcard back. 
later, during the break, we'll go change our name on the simcard oke ? of urself.

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