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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Biggest Day Of My Life - 3rd April

Currently at home right now.
Tomorrow is SUNDAY.
And it is the day i'm waiting for,
the IMPORTANT day of my life.
which falls on 3rd April every year.
I think you guys can guess what it is right?
I purposely went home this weekend because i dont think i wanna stay in Perak to celebrate this big day.
But suddenly i realised that even i got home, i dunno what to do on that day?
I think this is the first time i celebrate my bufday without my bf, i mean when my bufday falls on weekend.
So tomorrow i think i wanna wandering alone at Mid or TS, watching cinemas alone, and buy a cake for myself.
Thats all i plan, i guess..
So dont forget wish me on my burfday oke? ahha.

i really wish that i can have cheesecake on my burfday
(but it will just be in my dreams)

p/s : Dah boleh mengundi dah lepas n,
Oh yeah, lupe lak, mmg dah daftar dah pun dekat SPR :)

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