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Sunday, April 3, 2011

So sad :(

so sad..
yeahhh, so sad.
I'm expecting him to call me, but he didn't.
He never missed to call me on this big day.
Even he called me late, i dun mind. it is fine with me.
But why he didn't called this year?
And guess what?
There is nobody call me tonite.
This is the first time i have to experience it.
And it feels so suck!
I have waited till 1 a.m, but there is still no ringing on the phone.
And then, i called Haziqah. She is the only person that i can call right now, because she is in my 8pax list.
But still, it is just so sad..

p/s : But then, thanks to those who have texting me to wish me, i really appreciate it :)

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mizzbutterfly said... [Reply to comment]

adek sayang...selamat hari lahir...smapaikan sekali untuk si kembar lg sorang tuh... its oke..kholis tak lupa...hari esok ade lg...tapi jgn berharap sgt adek... nak menagish..menagish je.. mesti mama n ayah adek wish...mereka lag layak dihargai :) chill la dik...

iela SFN said... [Reply to comment]

thanks kak wanie :)
parents ila x wish pun, adek ila je wish. ahha
sedangkan da ingtkn dowunk byk kali da :P
ila x msodkan kholis je, ramai lg yg ila expect kol ila, but none of them did.
even clashed, but y just cant we be frens?
sedey kan ?
heee, papepun thanks :)

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