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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brazil 2 - 1 North Korea :D

Maicon celebrates after putting Brazil in front

Yeahhh, i stay up all night just because I only want to watch BRAZIL play in the FIFA 2010 tonight !

And it was really awesome because as what I expected, they will surely beat North Korea. You know what? It became TRUE !!

teng teng teng !!

The score was

Yeahhhh ! I'm really excited because they win over North Korea .

However, me myself, as an Asian, was proud of Ji Yu Nam, because he was the one who has scored a goal for his team :)

Here is the review (For Brazil)

After 55 minutes, What a goal by MAICON !!
An amazing strike made by him from an impossible position ! he was so LUCKY to strike the first goal ! After a few minutes, Elano kick with his cool and succesfully made a second goal with a super strike ! What a wonderful finish made by him, i'm so PROUD of BRAZIL tonight :)

p/s : Tomorrow I will be going to Genting Theme Park . I'm hoping that I'll be able to get home early and able to watch my favourite, Spain vs Sweeden at 10 p.m. :)

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